Red rivers flowing over blackened land

Photo by PIXNIO

Beauty erupting from the ground
Red rivers flowing over blackened land
Fountains of black and red in the caldera
Pouring out across the area
Searing heat, chemicals deadly
All portraying Earth’s angry splendor
Pressure building, releasing
Glowing waves run through the view
Beauty, violence, intertwined

Inspired by Traveller In The…

Learned the hard way

Black and white image from the mid 70’s of a girl in shorts and sleeveless top tossing a baton in the air
Image of the author from the mid-1970’s from the Jacobs family archives

How do you teach stability
To someone who knows
They will move again soon

How do you teach self-acceptance
When someone never felt
Accepted in any environment

How do you teach safety
To someone who was spanked
Clear up until college

How do you teach self-worth
To someone taught all their…

rope tied to a cleat on cement
Image by Bruce Jacobs

Sliding down into the dark
Alone, afraid, apart
Wondering if there is a bottom
Wondering how to get out
As I slide ledges appear
Out of the dark
Places to grab onto
If I could only move
Slowly I will myself
To reach out, grab a loop
Trying to hold on
Trying not to fall further
I swing my body along the…

Image by the author

Love flies from one to another
Sometimes expressed in words
Other times in looks and actions
Letters, packages, hugs, smiles

The warmth that comes from
Knowing you are safe
Warms the heart, the soul
Relaxes the body, clears the mind

No matter how it is expressed
The feeling of being loved

Kathy Jacobs

💚POMpoet💚 Former software tester, still breaking things. Social Media geek. Former OneNote MVP. Phoenix Mercury fan. Green Bay Packer fan.

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