Celebrating Mother’s Day, togetherness, survival

Mom beams, such a gorgeous site
First time in years, her four boys home
I’m the plus one, the only other female
Sitting near us both the grown grandchild
I long for the day ours can be here too

We all sit chatting
Sometimes in the same room
Sometimes in different rooms
Laughing frequently, four conversations at once
Family puns thrown from one room to another
As they try to listen to each other

One wanders into the den
Where a second is watching soccer
Talking about how the game has gone
Later in the day, all will end up there
Watching Rooster Cogburn…

All that is left of the 200+ collectible demitasse spoons I collected as a kid — Image by the author

Windmill on a Texas plain
Windmill on a Texas plain
Image by the author — Yes, it is another of the pictures from the drive across Texas :)

A response to Georgia’s prompt “Phobia”

Image of a woman with the face whited out
Image of a woman with the face whited out
Image by the author

I fear being unseen, invisible
I react to being invisible badly
When I am unseen
I get pushy, rude, loud
Trying to be seen too often
I don’t understand why
But I am working on it

I fear being seen as a cheat
I don’t want people thinking
I won’t do something I said I would
I don’t want them to think I lied
I try to never tell an untruth
I try to acknowledge if I find out I did

I fear the spiral of being unsure
Of thinking people know everything
I have ever done wrong
Of regretting things I didn’t…

The sky — left side dark heavy clouds, right side blue with puffy clouds at edges
The sky — left side dark heavy clouds, right side blue with puffy clouds at edges
Image by the Author, taken Nov 2020 in Texas

Of my many sides
Two stand out quite clearly
The joyful side, the serious side
Or maybe you prefer
The future I wish for
The past I dread

The joyful silly sappy happy side
Comes out on good days, true
Days when I can see the future
When my heart doesn’t turn blue
These are when I remember
The days to come are clear
Settled into this quirky house
With the man I hold so dear

The serious side is not as fun
It is full of sorrow and woe
Those days I remember
What I wish had never been
Or when I…

Letter tiles that read “30 words or less”
Letter tiles that read “30 words or less”
Image by the author

A poem inspired by the prompt “Pair”

Accepting my voice’s
Cracks, whispers, drops
My body’s broken places
My brain lying about who I am

These are the steps
To my more peaceful future

I have Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD). SD is one of the conditions World Voice Day raises awareness for. SD is a voice condition that cause all kinds of problems with vocalizations. Saying long E’s, for example, is very hard. SD happens when my vocal folds (and other muscles around my larynx) tremor and spasm. In my case, certain words are hard to say. My brain tries to substitute other words, which can make me stutter…

Kathy Jacobs

💚POMpoet💚 Former software tester, still breaking things. Social Media geek. Former OneNote MVP. Phoenix Mercury fan. Green Bay Packer fan.

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