Have you ever thought to yourself, “Self, I read Kathy’s stuff all the time. I wonder if I can help her out in any way.” If so, this piece is just for you…

Like all writers, I want to know if you found my piece worth reading. Did it touch your heart? Did it make a point you thought was worth making? Did it make you laugh?

Being a poetry writer — and one who tends towards brevity — means that I don’t make much from Medium itself. If I make $3 in a month here, it’s a great month. If I make $5 here, I celebrate. BUT I do make a bit more over on Patreon. And I share more there too. If you really want to support me, check it out.

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You read it, you clapped for it, you even shared it. But you want to go further. That’s what the response box is for. Yeah, I know, it can be hard to get to here on Medium. But it will guarantee I will find out what you thought of the piece. It might even get a response from me. I’ve met some of my closest friends here on Medium because they commented on one of my pieces or I commented on one of theirs. (PS: If it doesn’t get a reply from me, it means I am swamped, exhausted, or both. Please don’t take it personally. I believe in community. Community only grows when everyone participates.)

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Aside 1: That’s probably too much information for most of you. But, then again, you know I am an oversharer — you read my work.

Aside 2: Grr… someday, that image is going to show with the right focus point. I’ve changed it and changed it. I’ve deleted the image, added the focus again, and resaved it. It still shows the wrong part of the image. I’ve even deleted it, edited it, , reinserted it, set the focus. It still doesn’t work. I promise, It’s not a picture of our stomachs. It is a picture of us. If you have read this far and know how to fix the focus point, please let me know!

Aside 3: More on the picture… As you can see in the image. I have cut the lower part of the image out. But… Medium is still using the wrong image in the previews! I’m going to ping Medium on Twitter and see if I can get some help.

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