Love Flies

Kathy Jacobs
2 min readMay 28, 2021
Image by the author

Love flies from one to another
Sometimes expressed in words
Other times in looks and actions
Letters, packages, hugs, smiles

The warmth that comes from
Knowing you are safe
Warms the heart, the soul
Relaxes the body, clears the mind

No matter how it is expressed
The feeling of being loved
Is a wonder to the lonely heart
Balm to those long away

Loving others — just as brilliant
Sharing your heart
Helping others bloom
Sitting quietly together

Without love, life becomes
A burden unshareable
A weight you can’t shake
Until that love comes back

My wish for you today
For all of your tomorrows
Is that you enjoy the gift of love
Be it given or received

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Kathy Jacobs

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